ATOM: The Beginning manga translation to be published by StoneBot Comics!

We’re so excited to announce that StoneBot Comics is teaming up with Titan Comics to bring you great new manga!

Our newest project is the prequel to Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy, one of the most important and influential manga ever created… ATOM: The Beginning!

Before Tenma and Ochanomizu created Astro Boy, they were two robotics engineering grad students that created a revolutionary new robot together called A106, or “Six.” With Six, they enter the wider world of robotics with a bang, meeting both people and robots that will have impacts that reverberate all the way to Astro Boy’s time and beyond.

ATOM: The Beginning is a wonderful story chock-full of both heart and humor that illuminates new sides of the Astro Boy universe while also blazing its own path as a thoughtful exploration of robots as a whole, playing with ideas ranging from the action of a robot combat tournament to philosophical questions about the nature of being itself.

ATOM: The Beginning is written by Masami Yuuki (Mobile Police Patlabor) and drawn by Tetsuro Kasahara (RideBack), with supervision by Makoto Tezuka (Osamu Tezuka’s son) and Tezuka Productions.

We look forward to bringing you this new perspective on the lives of Tenma, Ochanomizu, Six, and many other familiar faces from the Astro Boy universe!

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