Our zombie comics anthology Raise Up the Dead has come to life! Thanks to your support, our Kickstarter for this project was successfully crowdfunded, and now we’re ready to send the book and physical rewards to our backers!

We’re really excited to finally share this project with you, so we wanted to unbox it for everyone to see! Check it out below!

Machine Girl is one of our most popular series, and the next trade paperback volume (Vol. 2, Machine Girl & the Space Invaders) is going to be in stores later this month, so now is the best time to get caught up! Join Megan and her friends on galactic adventures full of action, suspense, and good ol’ sci-fi goofiness by picking up copies of the books below!

Machine Girl Vol. 1, Just a Girl in the World

Machine Girl Vol. 2, Machine Girl & the Space Invaders